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1. Will the beach lot parking pass also permit me to drive or park on the beach?
2. Do the parking kiosks accept cash?
3. I am a resident and would like to get my free beach lot parking pass online. Is this available?
4. For those of us that live in Volusia County and need the parking decal, can we pick it up for another Volusia County resident with their proper paperwork? A lot of residents work 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. and
5. Do you have an online application?
6. If a family has two vehicles, is it possible to get a parking pass one for each vehicle? In other words, two parking passes?
7. Can I mail in the application with a proof of residency?
8. Am I eligible for a parking lot pass as a property owner and not a resident?
9. Does the parking fee also apply to parking at Bethune Beach Beachfront and the parking spaces that are across the street?
10. We usually have family gatherings twice a year at New Smyrna Beach. We park four or five cars at the lot in the 27th Avenue Beachfront Park. If one car has a parking pass decal that was issued to a V