Neighborhood Council

Neighborhood Council banner depicting an aerial view of single-family homes


The Neighborhood Council was founded under Resolution No. 24-13, which states the City recognizes that:

  • its democracy is enriched by the active participation of an informed citizenry; and
  • it is in the best interest of the City to strengthen neighborhood participation in City governance where such participation exists, and to encourage and support neighborhood participation in City governance where it does not yet exist; and
  • a Neighborhood Council would provide a structure for increased citizen participation in the governance of the City and building cooperation and improved communication between citizens and City officials; and
  • a Neighborhood Council would provide an arena for residents to come together, share information, and make recommendations to the City government on neighborhood or city-wide issues.


The Neighborhood Council shall consist of nine regular members.  Board members shall be registered electors and serve without compensation.  Members of the Neighborhood Council shall be residents of the City of New Smyrna Beach.  City employees and members of other City advisory boards may not serve as members of the Neighborhood Council.

Members shall be appointed by the City Commission.  Each City Commissioner shall nominate one regular member for appointment.  Each appointee must reside in the zone represented by the Commissioner nominating member.  The Mayor shall nominate two regular members for appointment, who shall be residents of the City.  The Vice Mayor shall nominate one regular member for appointment, who shall reside in the zone represented by the Vice Mayor.  The Vice Mayor shall also nominate one regular member for appointment, who shall be a resident of the City.

The nine members of the Neighborhood Council shall serve two year terms at the pleasure of the City Commission and may be removed from the Neighborhood Council by the City Commission with or without cause.  If the position of a member becomes vacant for any reason, the City Commission shall appoint another qualified person to serve the unexpired term of the vacated position.  The Neighborhood Council shall work with the City Manager or the City Manager's designee.


The Neighborhood Council shall be charged with:

  •  providing advisory recommendations to the City Commission, Planning and Zoning Board, Historic Preservation Commission, or any other Board regarding neighborhood issues with city-wide implications; and
  • reporting on concerns and interests of the residents in the neighborhoods and in the City as a whole on a regular basis; and
  • serving as the liaison between the City and the neighborhoods to assist the City with disseminating information on development proposals, initiatives, and projects; and
  • working to increase citizen participation in the governance of the City; and
  • encouraging opportunities to increase neighborhood communication, interaction, and problem-solving; and
  • serving in an advisory capacity on issues brought forth by the City Commission for its deliberation and recommendation; and
  • performing such other duties and assignments as requested by the City Commission or City Manager.


The Neighborhood Council meets on the fourth Monday of each month.  All meetings shall be open to the public and minutes shall be kept as provided by the Florida Open Meetings Law.

Members of the Neighborhood Council

Zone 1: Dr. Randy Herman (Chair)

Headshot for Neighborhood Council Chair Dr. Randy Herman, a Caucasian male with black frame glasses

Dr. Randy Herman has been a social work practitioner, mental health therapist, educator, administrator, and consultant for over 50 years. He began his career as a Vietnam-era military social worker and worked in the fields of adoption, mental health, HIV/AIDS, aging, hospice, and life planning. He is professor emeritus at the University of St. Thomas School of Social Work and currently has a small private practice for individual and couple counseling in New Smyrna Beach, where he has lived for over 10 years. He is actively involved in civic and service organizations, including his current role as Chair of the Neighborhood Council.

Zone 1: Lisa Martin

Zone 2: Deborah Bell

Headshot for Neighborhood Council member Deb Bell, a Caucasian female with short dark grey hair repr

Zone 2: Teresa Bowen

Headshot for Neighborhood Council member Teresa Bowen, a Caucasian female with shoulder-length light

Teresa joined the Neighborhood Council in November 2016 after seeing the need for keeping the charm in New Smyrna Beach, particularly with regards to maintaining and preserving the charm in the historic districts of the community. This charm that we have is very unique and helps our community stand apart from other Florida towns.

She bought a home and moved to New Smyrna Beach in 1989 after doing the "Images" art festival as a professional potter and opened Clay Gallery in 1998 in a historic home on Riverside Drive. She enjoys traveling for work as well as pleasure. Outdoor activities such as gardening, camping, and being on the water are her favorite past times.

Zone 3: James Lurkins

Headshot for Neighborhood Council member James Lurkins, a Caucasian male with short dark hair and a

Zone 3: Marvel Richards

Zone 4: Elizabeth Bell

Elizabeth "Lize" Bell retired with more than 30 years of experience in health and human services. She holds both a master's degree in public health and a bachelor's degree from the University of South Florida. Prior to entering health and human services, Lize was a journalist for 12 years with two Florida daily newspapers--the Florida Times Union and the Winter Haven News Chief.

During her health care career, she served as the executive director of a program for pregnant women and children up to age five, director of community health improvement for a nine-hospital corporation, director of communications and government relations for a county government children's services agency, project director of an initiative to establish a health insurance program for the working uninsured, and director or assistant director of marketing and public relations for several hospital systems. Lize also served on the State's Regional Health Planning Councils for both West and Central Florida, chairing both committees during her tenure.

In addition to her paid positions, Lize has been actively involved in a number of health and social service projects. She co-chaired a community education initiative to support a county-wide health program for the uninsured. This project, funded by a half-cent sales tax, raises more than $40 million annually to provide health care for those without health insurance. She has served on a number of boards of directors including one that created a primary grade charter school with a health and wellness focus.

The mother of 4, stepmother of 3, grandmother of 12, and great grandmother of 6, she enjoys an active family life reading, volunteering, and traveling with her husband.

Zone 4: Robert Johnson

Headshot for Neighborhood Council member Bob Johnson, a Caucasian male with high fade haircut repres

Zone 4: Shyriaka Morris