City Charter

The City of New Smyrna Beach was created in 1887 by adoption of its first charter, which was eventually replaced by the present charter through Chapter 224.08, Special Acts of Florida, 1943. The legislative branch of the City is composed of an elected five-member City Commission consisting of the mayor and four commissioners. The mayor is elected for a two-year term. Each commissioner is elected for a four-year term, alternating two zones every two years. On or before the first regularly scheduled meeting in November, the City Commission chooses a vice mayor from among its membership to serve in the absence of the mayor. The vice mayor serves a one-year term.

The City Commission (link) is governed by the City Charter and by state and local laws and regulations. The City Commission is responsible for the establishment and adoption of policy. The execution of such policy is the responsibility of the Commission-appointed city manager (link).

Download the New Smyrna Beach City Charter.