Plans & Application Process

The following services are available at the Building Department to assist you with submittal of building permit applications.

Citizen Self-Service

As of Jan. 25, 2021 all permits must be submitted through Energov Citizen Self-Service (CSS) at 

When you open the link, you will need to register and set up an account prior to entering any permits.

Please submit this permit through the CSS portal so that it may be processed. You will be able to submit payment and track the status of the permit through CSS.

When creating the permit, please add any subcontractors applicable to the permit.

Online Permit Application

Online permit applications will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • If you need design help, we suggest you employ a consultant from the private sector such as a building designer, an engineer or an architect. Building Department employees including inspectors are not permitted to design any portion of your structure.
  • One of the first steps you must take is to ensure you have an accurately dimensioned sealed & signed survey that depicts the locations of all existing and proposed structures, fences/walls, pool/spas, easements, etc. The survey must indicate the dimensions of all property lines, dimensions of all existing and proposed structures, swimming pools/spas, location and height of walls/fences and necessary buildings or structures. It must show the distance to the centerline of the street of the abutting street(s), the ultimate right-of-way line, sidewalks, curbs and drive approaches.
  • The survey must accurately depict the various grade elevations of the site. If the site is relatively level, you may show only the various elevations on your plan. However, if the site is sloped more than one foot in ten feet, then your plans must depict the site accurately with contour lines and/or spot elevations.
  • The survey must show how you plan to route the surface water off of your site in an approved manner.
  • Your construction plans must clearly and legibly show precisely what you propose to build. For additions or alterations to existing buildings, plans must clearly differentiate between the following elements:
    1. Existing structure(s) that will remain
    2. Existing structure(s) that will be removed
    3. Proposed new construction


Drawings shall be drawn accurately to an appropriate scale. They shall be sufficiently complete so that compliance with the building code may be determined. An acceptable set of plans will usually include the following dimension and annotated drawings wet signed by an engineer / architect:

  1. Survey
  2. Foundation plan
  3. Architectural floor plan
  4. Architectural elevations and roof plans
  5. Structural foundation plans
  6. Structural framing plans
  7. Structural details and material specifications
  8. Plumbing plans (if applicable)
  9. Mechanical plans (if applicable)
  10. Electrical plans (if applicable)
  11. Cross sections
  12. Legal description

Plan check

For submittal for plan check, the applicant is required to furnish two complete sets of plans which consist of the above, along with the following signed by an engineer / architect. Two copies of each applicable item must be submitted.

  1. Structural calculations
  2. Geotechnical (soils) report. Required for all additions and new building.
  3. Energy calculations, if applicable
  4. Sea Turtle Protection affidavit, if applicable
  5. Certificate of Zoning or Approved Site Plan signed by the Planning Department, if applicable
  6. Right of way permit, if applicable
  7. Product Approval Affidavit, if applicable
  8. Owners Disclosure, if applicable
  9. Notice of Commencement, if applicable

New commercial, additions and other structures will be subject to review by the fire inspector for the possibility of requiring fire sprinklers, alarms or a specific fire rated material.

When the project is an addition to an existing building, you must submit a floor plan of the area directly adjacent to the proposed addition, which shows dimensions of the rooms and the location and size of doors and windows. 

Any desired relocation or upgrading of the electrical service must be not only noted on the submitted plans but also specified on the application when applying for the permit.  

Upon application for a permit(s), a fee will be required for the plan review.