2010 Award

821 Live Oak Street
The current owners are Claire and Edgar Gilbert. It was originally owned by the Armstrong family, who were the owners of the Bond-Howell Lumber Company, witch was located in the 700 block of Live Oak Street. The house is now eight-five years old and has been well maintained and retains the original architectural features from when it was built.
821 Live Oak 003.jpg
Circa 2010
403 Magnolia Street
The Woman’s Club, which was built in 1924 and is located at 403 Magnolia Street has recently had new doors installed, which match the style of the original doors, the exterior has been painted, and new windows installed which match the original style as well. The building is also one of the few examples of Mediterranean Style architecture in the City and has been well maintained and is still used regularly by a variety of clubs and civic groups.
Woman's Club 004.jpg
Circa 2010