2013 Award Recipient

115 Canal Street

This property is the New Smyrna Beach Chamber Building. It was completed circa 1935 and remained unaltered throughout World War Two. The architectural significance of the building is associated with its original details, symmetry and materials. The historic significance of the building is associated with Depression Era construction particularly as a Federal Emergency relief Act (FERA) project. Restoration was begun in 2010 with stabilization of the building’s exterior and continued into 2012 with restoration of the Board Room and adjoining offices. ECHO Funding was provided by Volusia County and matched by the City of New Smyrna Beach.
2013 Non Residential
508 Ball Street

The building receiving the residential 2013 Donnadine Miller Memorial Historic Preservation Award was built around 1910 and is located at 508 Ball Street. The building was constructed in the Frame Vernacular style, and was remodel inside and outside to reflect the original condition with modern appliances.

2013 Residential