2008 Award Recipients

1705 South Atlantic Avenue
The structure was built in approximately 1885 in what was then “Coronado Beach.” The house was originally on the east side of Hill Street, but the developer, Allan Koch of Volusia Properties, agreed to move the house to its present location on South Atlantic Avenue. The house was thoroughly restored, and is used today as the recreation facility for the Malibu Condominium. The house retains many of its original features, and is one of the surviving structures from the 19th century Coronado Beach settlement.
412 Canal Street (Little Drug Co.)
The structure was built in 1923 and is a contributing structure in the New Smyrna Beach National Register of Historic Places Historic District. Over the years, it has been the Smyrna Theatre; the Victoria Theatre; the Rexall Little Drug Company; and has been simply “Little Drug Co.” since the exterior was thoroughly restored in 1991. It has been a landmark on Canal Street for eighty-five years, and is still going strong.