Technical Review Staff


The City provides Technical Review Staff (TRS) meetings in an effort to help development applicants go through the review process without having to search out the individual staff members reviewing various aspects of a project -- "one stop shopping."  Staff members receive information together in a coordinated manner, but after the meeting each staff member individually reviews and approves or denies those aspects within his or her discipline.


City TRS will provide technical review for the following applications and grant final approval for development plans as authorized.

  1. Site plans
  2. Preliminary and final subdivision Plats
  3. Planned Unit Development (PUD) Master Development Agreements and Conceptual Development Plans


In order to assist applicants and coordinate the review process, City TRS shall be available to meet collectively with applicants on a regular schedule at least once a month.  These meetings are open to the public and an agenda will be posted on the City website approximately one week in advance.  City TRS present will include representatives from the following City departments or divisions:  Building, Engineering, Planning, Fire, Police and Public Works.  The Planning Director or a person designated by the Planning Director will head the City TRS.  A representative from the Utilities Commission shall also have membership on the City TRS.

  • 9:00 AM
  • First Friday of every month
  • Planning Department, Large Conference Room, 2650 N Dixie Fwy


Standing Agenda


  • Jeff Gove, Chief Planner
  • Gary Wisniewski, Building Official
  • Kyle Fegley, City Engineer
  • Ken Gaines, Fire Marshal
  • Robert Claudio, Police
  • Faith Miller, Public Works
  • Kenny Ho, Utilities Commission
  • James Tiffany, Utilities Commission