​Coronavirus (COVID-19) Remote Customer Service

As a preventative measure against the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19), Engineering staff will transition to only processing requests by e-mail and phone on Tuesday, Mar. 17. Please contact at or (386) 410-2835 to establish first contact and request further details.

Payment will be accepted by online credit card payment, over the phone at (386) 410-2860, or by check mailed to 2650 N. Dixie Freeway, New Smyrna Beach, FL 32168.


The City’s engineering staff performs a variety of tasks related to design and construction. This staff is responsible for construction management on all City construction projects. This work involves:

  • Bidding
  • Contract management
  • Inspection during construction
  • Approving payments
  • Project closeout
The engineering staff works closely with Maintenance Operations in developing solutions to problems encountered in maintaining the City’s street and stormwater infrastructure.

We have a mapping and CADD system that provides maps and informational graphics used by City staff.


The engineering staff also reviews construction permits for compliance with City design standards. We manage street opening permits to ensure underground work done by other agencies is properly done, including restoration of the roadway. We also manage the FEMA flood insurance certification process. Our work in this area translates directly into insurance rate savings for property owners.

Stormwater Management

Protection of our environment and the general welfare of our city is a major concern of the City of New Smyrna Beach and its citizens. Read More...

National Pollutant Discharge Elimination

Polluted stormwater runoff is a leading cause of impairment to the nearly 40 percent of surveyed U.S. water bodies which do not meet water quality standards. Read More...

Fema Flood Insurance Rate Maps

What is A FIRM?
It is the official map of a community on which FEMA has delineated both the special hazard areas and the risk premium zones applicable to the community. 

Flood Insurance

Who should have Flood Insurance?
Flooding is one of the most common natural hazards in the United States and has caused more property damage than any other type of disaster.

Flood Protection Assistance

The engineering staff can review flood-related data and concerns.  Staff also can perform site visits and provide site-specific suggestions to property owners to lessen risk or severity of flood damage.