Water and Energy Conservation

In 2020, the City adopted a community driven strategic plan that identified Environment and Resiliency as primary goals. The City then hired TMH consulting to explore what environmental initiatives the Development Services Department could implement to advance those goals. The consultant found an existing green building program that was not being used and similar programs were being abandoned around the country. What TMH did identify as a potential option was the implementation of a Water Star program. 

Staff began looking at the City's irrigation regulations and others who have implemented the Florida Water Star program. What they found was New Smyrna Beach already requires irrigation for a landscaped areas for all development projects. However, the county health department issues permits for the actual irrigations systems themselves. The County's permit approval requires landscaped areas to be broken into separate zones with different flow rates in order to conserve water. This process is very similar to the irrigation requirements of Water Star. 

Florida Water Star goes further than just addressing irrigation flows. In order to receive a Water Star certification, native plant material that use less water, reduced flow indoor plumbing fixtures and appliances are all graded for a final for a final score. If a project scores enough points, it receives a Water Star certification.

The City's Strategic Plan can be found here.

The Florida Water Star webpage can be found here.

Volusia County's Water Wise irrigation regulations currently in effect can be found here.

The presentation for the public meeting on 1.31.24 can be found here

A draft Water and Energy Conservation ordinance for New Smyrna Beach can be found here. This draft ordinance is for conceptual purposes only and has not been requested as an agenda item for the City Commission. 


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