City Code of Ordinances

Chapter 50, Historic Preservation

The city commission finds there are buildings, landmarks, and sites within the city that have specific historic or aesthetic significance, and that the loss of these sites would cause an irreplaceable loss to the citizens of the city. It is declared as a matter of public policy that protection, enhancement, perpetuation and use of such sites of special historic or aesthetic interest or value is a public necessity and is required in the interests of the health, prosperity, safety and welfare of the people.

It is the will of the people of the state as expressed in Fla. Const., art. II, § 7, that the state's natural resources and scenic beauty be conserved and protected.

It is the will of the state legislature as expressed in F.S. ch. 267, that the state's historic sites and properties, buildings, artifacts, and objects of antiquity that have scientific or historic value, or are of interest to the public, be protected and preserved.