Youth Council Task Force Artist Submittal Information

The members of the City of New Smyrna Beach Youth Council Task Force have been diligently working on a few projects.  

Currently, they are in the process of accepting applications so that local artists could have an extraordinary volunteer opportunity to apply to paint a shark statue or a fire hydrant.  The artists must reside in Volusia County and be at least sixteen years old.  They have selected approved locations around the City that house the fire hydrants that can be painted.  There are currently five locations that display Shark Statues.  These locations were chosen by the 2021 Youth Council Task Force.  Hydrant and future Shark Statue location determination will be decided by the Task Force during a future meeting. They are excited about continuing to create a legacy that will add beauty to our charming city.   

Artist Application 

Fire Hydrant Artist Application 

Shark Statue Artist Application 

A slideshow of the current shark statues is below: