Zone 2 Commissioner Lisa Martin

Photo of Zone 2 Commissioner Lisa Martin sitting  between an American and State of Florida flagSome of you know me by my hat. Some may know me by my bicycle. Others from my postings on Nextdoor. Or seeing me at city meetings or my volunteer activities. Perhaps from my work on NSB Advisory Boards. Or the Stealth Angels. Maybe from functions in the art community. But you may already know me.

You are my neighbor, my friend & my community. You know my deep support of residents & local businesses. And you know the work I have been doing for over a decade to understand NSB problems & research solutions.

I retired after a successful 30-year career in the highly competitive field of communication networking. I sold custom-designed equipment and systems to multi-national governments and corporations. My career revolved around client revenue and critical networks. Fail-safe systems. Working within complex budgets. Profit and revenue.

Started life in Pittsburgh, was educated in Philadelphia and spent my career in Silicon Valley serving clients across the globe.

I have 2 fabulous daughters, 2 sons-in-law and 8 perfect grandchildren! My family spans California to The Netherlands.

Zone 2 Voting Precinct Map

Zone 2 Voting Precinct Map