Solid Waste Services

Waste Pro USA provides solid waste collection services in New Smyrna Beach. For questions regarding collection, please call (386) 788-8890 or submit one of their online forms below.

To set up a new residential or commercial account, please call our Solid Waste Compliance Officer at 386-424-2207.

News & Updates

Effective Oct. 1, residential solid waste collection fees will increase from $23.62 to $24.87 per month as part of an ordinance approved by city commissioners on June 27 to tie future annual rate adjustments to the Consumer Price Index for All Urban Customers (CPI-U). The move comes as Volusia County Landfill disposal fees are set to increase for the first time in 20 years on Nov. 15 while the city has also seen significant cost increases over the past several years due to annexations, new construction, and an overall increase in the amount of solid waste being generated per household.

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Collection Information

Collection Schedule Lookup

Use this interactive online map to look up your new collection schedule by entering an address into the blank field located at the upper right hand corner of the window.

Garbage/Solid Waste Collection Map

Garbage Map

Recycling Collection Map

Recycling Map

Solid Waste Guidelines

Solid waste cans and bags should not exceed 50 lbs. or 32 gallons and may be placed curbside no earlier than sunset on the day prior to pickup. Daily collection routes are active from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Household Waste

  • Food scraps, packaging, clothes, toys, small appliances, and non-recyclable items must be containerized in gargbage cans and/or garbage bags and placed curbside.

Construction Debris

  • Small amounts of wood, concrete block, drywall, plaster board, carpet, etc. generated by DIY projects must be containerized in garbage cans and/or garbage bags and placed curbside.
  • Large amounts of these materials may require special pick-up or roll-off service. Please call Waste Pro USA at (386) 788-8890 or our Solid Waste Complaince Officer at (386) 424-2207 for a list of other approved commercial roll-off vendors.

Hazardous Waste

  • Gasoline, thinners, solvents, pool chemicals, pesticides, and motor oil are harmful to the environment and should not be disposed of with household waste. For guidance on proper disposal, please call Tomoka Landfill at (386) 947-2952.
  • Paint and paint thinner can be dropped off to Tomoka Landfill’s paint exchance facility at 1990 Tomoka Farms Rd., Port Orange, FL 32128. Empty containers with lids removed may be disposed of with household waste.
  • Once per year, a countywide Hazardous Waste Disposal Day is held to allow for disposal at designated sites. Notice will be posted to local media and on this website in advance.

Medical Sharps

  • Needles may be dropped off in approved red sharps containers at no charge to Volusia County Health Department, 717 Canal St., New Smyrna Beach, FL 32168. For further details, please call (386) 424-2065.

Yard Waste

  • All yard waste will be picked up on Wednesday effective Apr. 1, 2020.
  • Grass clippings, leaves, and other small debris must be placed in garbage cans and/or garbage bags and placed curbside.
  • Palm fronds, shrubs, tree brush, branches and other yard waste must be less than 6 in. in diameter and less than 4 ft. long.
  • Yard waste generated by land clearing, construction preparation, or other commercial contractor (e.g., landscaping service, tree surgeon) are required to be removed by the contractor. If it is not, additional fees shall apply.
  • Yard waste exceeding these specifications requires additional fees, payable prior to pick-up. Please contact Waste Pro USA or your commercial contractor of choice for further details.

Appliances & Furniture

  • Refrigerators, freezers, stoves, stereos, televisions, couches, chairs, mattresses, box springs, window air conditioning units, washers, dryers, and similar items may be placed curbside on your solid waste pick-up days.
  • Doors must be removed from large appliances prior to being placed curbside.

Tires & Automotive/Lead Acid Batteries

  • Leave old tires and batteries with the auto service vendor where you purchase new equipment when possible.
  • A limit of four tires may be disposed of per year, either curbside on solid waste pick-up days or by drop-off to Tomoka Landfill at 1900 Tomoka Farms Rd. Port Orange, FL 32128.

Motor Oil

  • Used motor oil filters should be drained for a minimum of three hours and may be placed in an oil container with household waste.
  • Used motor oil may be disposed of at 24-hour recycling igloos at the locations below. Please place used cans in the container next to the igloo.
    • South Beach Fire Station, 4840 S. Atlantic Ave.
    • Volusia County Public Works, 530 N. Dixie Fwy.

Recycling Guidelines

The City of New Smyrna Beach practices single-stream recycling, meaning there is no requirement to sort items into separate bins prior to collection.

Recycling DO’s

  • Clean metal cans
  • Clean plastic numbered 1-5
  • Clean paper (e.g. newspaper, white paper, junk mail, magazines, flyers, phone books, etc.)
  • Clean cardboard without grease or waxy plastic coating

Recycling DONT’s

  • Glass bottles and jars
  • Windowpane glass or mirrors
  • Ceramic dishes and glassware
  • Containers with liquid still in them
  • Electronics and appliances
  • Plastic bags
  • Toys
  • Medical sharps (e.g. needles)
  • Clothing
  • Propane or helium tanks
  • Styrofoam
  • Batteries
  • Greasy food containers