5th Street Bridge Replacement Design Project

The existing 5th Street Bridge over Yacht Club Cut was constructed in 1965 and consists of two 9-foot travel lanes with no shoulders.  As the bridge is nearing the end of its anticipated service life, the City of New Smyrna Beach has begun the process of designing a replacement bridge in the same location.

Below are previews of all available products with accompanying links to download them in their original format (e.g., PDF or Microsoft PowerPoint)

The first meeting on the 5th Street Bridge Replacement Design Project was held on November 1 at the Smyrna Yacht Club.  Below is the flyer advertising the event with general information about the project.

5th Street Bridge Nov 1 Meeting

Download a PDF of 'NSB 5th Street Bridge Meeting Flyer'

Below is the full Microsoft PowerPoint presentation associated with the project complete with audio notes.  To view it, please click directly on the preview image or the link below it.

PI Mtg 1 _5th_St_BridgeRep-Presentation_VI 102418 Opens in new window

Download a Microsoft PowerPoint (PPT) of 'PI Mtg 1_5th_St_BridgeRep-Presentation_VI 102418'


Download a PDF of '18-0157_Board_1_Plan_View'


Download a PDF of '18-0157_Board_2_Proposed_Typical_Sections'


Download a PDF of '18-0157_Board_3_MOT_Plan'