2018 Turnbull Creek Preservation

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On the November 6th general election ballot, there is a $15 million general obligation bond for the purpose of preserving natural areas and wildlife habitat from development by acquiring land along the Turnbull Creek watershed.  Environmentally sensitive as a critical waypoint for waters flowing north into Spruce Creek, the Halifax River, and Atlantic Ocean beyond and historically significant for its role as Turnbull’s Grand Canal built during our British colonial period, there is no more idyllic site better suited for conservation.  The City has partnered with the Trust for Public Land, which has a stellar track record of success in securing over $68 billion nationwide ($10 billion in Florida alone) for local governments and non-profits for environmental conservation.  The land purchase would be kept for preservation of our history and to ensure that development does not occur on properties purchased within the Turnbull Creek watershed.


If approved, the general obligation bond will be used to preserve wildlife habitat and natural areas from development by acquiring land along the Turnbull Creek watershed.  Curious about where exactly these areas are?  Follow the link below to view a map of parcels that would be under consideration if the ballot is approved.

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If approved, $5.43 million of the general obligation bond serve as matching funds for a $9.05 million grant from the Florida Community Trust's Parks and Open Space Program to acquire the first property for conservation.  Follow the link below to read the full 201-page application package submitted by City staff.

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Did you know that the Turnbull Canal System is listed on the National Register of Historic Places?  Click the link below to read the National Park Service's nomination file which includes historical background information and maps.

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Questions & Answers

We understand you may have questions about this ballot measure.  To submit a question, please follow the link below and they will be added to this page as we receive them.

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Q: The City will be using a general obligation bond to fund this ballot measure.  What is that, exactly?

A: General obligation bonds are used by local governments to raise money for public projects and must be approved by its voters.  Investors consider them to be one of the closest things there is to a risk-free investment because they are backed by the full faith and credit of the issuing municipality.  Because they don't carry a high degree of risk, the interest rates they pay are generally very low, making them one of the most inexpensive ways for cities to fund projects that don't directly generate revenue but rather are meant to serve the public good (i.e. parks and schools).  The City's last general obligation bond was used towards the construction of three fire stations, police headquarters, and sidewalks.

Q: If this is approved, will my taxes increase and by how much?

A: It depends on several different factors, such as the value of your home, whether you homestead here or are a seasonal resident, and the terms of the bond.  Using the image below as an example, a permanent resident living in a house with an assessed value of $171,383 could expect to see a monthly increase in City taxes of $29.53 per year (or $2.46 per month) over the life of a 20-year bond.

Sample Tax Bill for GOB