Live Oak Cultural Center

Future location of Live Oak Cultural Center

echo sign at location closeup

Live Oak slab area showing all of the underground electric and plumbing routes before they get covered up with concrete as of May 15, 2018.

Live Oak Cultural Center

  • Improve the quality of life for Volusia’s Citizens by providing access to the cultural arts:
  • Build a new facility to provide multigenerational cultural, historical and environmental programming to Volusia County residents and visitors and to offer a groundbreaking Arts & Wellness program.
  • The City of New Smyrna Beach is proud to create a partnership with Atlantic Center for the Arts and Council of Aging to provide an Arts & Wellness programming that will be offered at the Live Oak Cultural Center.  The City of New Smyrna Beach also plans to partner with other non-profit organizations to offer multigenerational ECHO programs to Volusia County residents and visitors. 
  • The Arts & Wellness program seeks to serve not only individuals with conditions such as: autism, dementia, trauma, stress, or anxiety, but just as importantly, to help the families and caregivers of these individuals cope with the challenges and stress they face. 
  • The proposed project will offer a newly paved parking lot with covered portico at the entryway of the building. There will be a large porch area which will completely surround the building for occupants to utilize for outside seating and entertainment.
  • The new facility will also offer a 3,000 square foot gallery/lounge space to be used for lectures, programs and additional banquet-style functions (which includes the week day operation of the Council on Aging programs).  Total capacity in the main gallery/lounge space is proposed to seat approximately 140 guests.
  • The building will also contain an additional 1,500 square feet for reception space, two offices, a kitchen (which will support the Meals on Wheels operation), restrooms and a media room.

Live Oak
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