The New Smyrna Beach Police Department attained accredited status for the second time in February. 2018, from the Commission for Law Enforcement Accreditation (CFA) Standards.  


The accreditation process provides the following benefits to the agency:

  • A thorough review of agency status and readiness
  • Reinforces the agency’s ability to maintain the highest standard of professional law enforcement services
  • Ensures policies and procedures are documented in writing and are defendable
  • Assurance your agency personnel are trained and functioning according to your policies and procedures
  • Strengthens the agency’s defense against lawsuits and complaints
  • Increases community pride and employee morale through statewide recognition
  • Assures government leaders of the quality of services delivered by their local law enforcement agency
  • A quality work environment for well-trained professionals that aids in retaining and recruiting qualified personnel
  • More efficient use of limited resources
  • Professional review of agency operations, personnel practices and training policies

The accreditation process provides the following benefits to the community:

  • Increased confidence in the agency’s ability to deliver quality law enforcement services
  • Improved community and agency interaction
  • Efficient use of law enforcement tax dollars
  • Better trained officers

For more information of the CFA, please on to Inquiries about our accreditation status may be directed here.