Beach Lot Parking Pass Information

Attn: Beach LOT parking passes are distributed at the New Smyrna Beach Leisure Services Dept. Located at the Babe James Community Center, 201 North Myrtle Ave., New Smyrna Beach, 32168

ATTN: NSB beachfront parking pass decals are available year round. The passes currently being issued are valid through December 31, 2017.  Any passes that have been previously issued, regardless of the expiration date located at the bottom of the pass, have been extended through 2017 as well. 

Beginning October 1, 2015, drivers who park in one of the City’s five beachfront parking lots must pay a parking fee. However, New Smyrna Beach and Volusia County households are eligible for free parking passes for passenger vehicles but must apply for decal permits.

Parking will be enforced daily from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. at the City’s five beachfront parks. To avoid a fine, vehicles parked in the lots during these hours must have a New Smyrna Beach parking pass decal or must purchase a daily pass at the lot. Daily fines for vehicles without passes are $25. 

Non-Volusia County residents may purchase an annual parking pass for $100.

The daily parking fee is $10 and is paid at the lot. 

Vehicles with a valid disabled parking permit are not charged to park and do not need a beachfront parking pass.

 Residents can get a free parking pass decal

To qualify for a free NSB beachfront parking lot pass, applicants must provide proof of Volusia County residency by providing one of the following:

  1. A current vehicle registration with a physical address within the Volusia County boundary
  2. A vehicle registered in the name of a natural person who has a current driver’s license with an address within the Volusia County boundary
  3. A vehicle registered in the name of a natural person with a current lease agreement of at least a six-month term within the Volusia County boundary
  4. A vehicle registered in the name of a natural  person with at least the last four consecutive months’ utility bills for service of a residential address within the Volusia County boundary

How to get a beach lot parking pass

To get a beach lot parking pass:
1. Download and complete the parking pass application
2. If you are a Volusia County resident, include proof of residency with your application. 
3. Take your completed application to the New Smyrna Beach Leisure Services Department, 201 N Myrtle Ave, New Smyrna Beach
 The office is open from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday - Friday. Applications must be made in person. 
Parking decals should be placed on the interior left lower corner of the vehicle’s back window. 

For more information on New Smyrna Beach beach lot parking passes, please read the Parking Pass Rules or contact us:

City of New Smyrna Beach Leisure Services Deptartment
201 N Myrtle Ave,
New Smyrna Beach, FL 32168
(386) 410-2890


Beachfront parking lot locations

  • 27th Avenue Beachfront Park
  • Flagler Avenue Beachfront Park
  • Esther Street Beachfront Park
  • Grayce Kenemer Barck North Beach Community Park 
  • Marianne Clancy Park
Parking Decal Parking Lots 4 x 9
parking pass

Beach lot parking fees

Residents  Free with approved application/decal

Non-residents $10 daily rate 
$100 annual pass with application/decal 

Frequently asked questions 

If the tint on my back window is too dark, where should I place my parking pass decal?

The preferred placement is the driver's side of the inside back window. If you feel the tint is too dark and the decal cannot be read, adhere it to the driver's side of the inside windshield.

Will this pass also permit me to drive or park on the beach?

The New Smyrna Beach beach lot parking pass only is for the City’s five beachfront parking lots (see map on this page). This enables citizens to park and walk down on to the beach. Drivers who would like to drive or parking directly on to the beach must purchase a pass from Volusia County Government (a separate agency that manages the beaches). For info on beach driving, visit .

Do the parking kiosks accept cash?

Each of the five beachfront lots has an electronic kiosk that only accepts credit cards (Mastercard and Visa) and cash but not coins. Change is not provided for cash payments. Please make sure you have the exact amount ($10/day). 

I am a resident and would like to get my free beach lot parking pass online. Is this available?

Currently residents only may obtain a free beach lot parking pass decal from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., Monday - Friday at the New Smyrna Beach Leisure Services Dept., 201 N Myrtle Ave. 

For those of us that live in Volusia County and need the parking decal, can we pick it up for another Volusia County resident with their proper paperwork? A lot of residents work 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.  and are unable to make it during normal business hours.

Yes, you may pick up a parking pass for another resident if you bring in their vehicle registration and a completed application.

Do you have an online application?

We do not have online applications at this time, but it is a plan for the future. Note: the application may be printed or downloaded from this page. (See the left sidebar.) Then you can bring the completed application to the Leisure Services Department to get your parking pass decal.

If a family has two vehicles, is it possible to get a parking pass one for each vehicle?  In other words, two parking passes?

Absolutely – just bring in the registration for each vehicle.

Can I mail in the application with a proof of residency?

At this time, we are not set up to accept applications by mail or email. Passes are distributed at the Leisure Services Department, 201 N Myrtle Avenue. 

Does the parking fee also apply to parking at Bethune Beach Beachfront and the parking spaces that are across the street?

No. The beach lot parking pass only applies to the City’s five beachfront parks listed on the map on this page.

We usually have family gatherings twice a year at New Smyrna Beach. We park four or five cars at the lot in the 27th Avenue Beachfront Park.  If one car has a parking pass decal that was issued to a Volusia County Resident, must the other cars pay for parking if we are in a group?   

Yes. The other non-resident cars will either need to pay the daily $10 fee at the lot or purchase an annual beach lot parking pass.

Am I eligible for a "parking lot" pass as a property owner and not a resident?

New Smyrna Beach has a lot of property owners and weekend or seasonal residents who contribute to the maintenance of these five beachfront parks through annual property taxes. If you will bring in your Volusia County tax bill with your address on it along with your registration, we will issue you a free parking pass. 

I’m a NSB homeowner who resides out-of-state part-time throughout the year.  I recently received my parking decal for my personal car. However, sometimes we fly down to NSB and have a rental car.  How should I handle my NSB parking decal?

The free residential parking LOT pass decal is linked to your personal vehicle’s license tag number. At this time, we are not able to transfer the decal to the rental car. 

I’m a Volusia County resident who will be renting a car temporarily. May I get a free pass for my rental car?

Temporary rental car parking passes are available for qualified Volusia County residents. These passes only are valid during the vehicle rental period. Required documentation includes a copy of:

  • your vehicle rental statement with tag number and effective rental dates


  • your current driver’s license

AND one of these three documents:

  • your Volusia County real estate tax bill for a residential property


  • four months of consecutive utility bills for a Volusia County residential property


  • a residential rental/lease agreement for a minimum of six months in Volusia County.

Note: The issued pass will become valid one complete business day after the application is filed. 
Download rental car parking permit.